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Origins – The Hunger in the North Part 3

Origins – The Hunger in the North Part 3 (See Part 2)

By Jammie Middleton

The terror blasted through her body as she lie there, prone. Her gaze was locked on the creature’s eyes, not daring to blink. She launched herself into a crouching position, scurrying for purchase in the snow, but failing to find her footing. She found herself scurrying backwards, desperately reaching for anything that would help her pull herself up, help her to run away. The creature was too close for any other consideration. She fumbled her right hunting knife, dropping it in the snow and scrambled to keep her left knife in hand as she held it up like a talisman in front of herself. Continue reading

Origins – The Hunger in the North PART 2

Origins – The Hunger in the North Part 2 (See Part 1)

By Jammie Middleton

Kaliska had some decisions to make, and she was not happy about this. It was not that she was indecisive. No, the problem was the assumptions she had to make. There were so many unknowns that it was going to be impossible to make up her mind without making a lot of assumptions, and that was where the danger came from. Continue reading

Origins – The Hunger in the North

Origins – The Hunger in the North, Part 1

By Jammie Middleton


He leapt, blind, not questioning, but trusting the voice that spoke so clearly in his head. He felt a sharp pang in his back, a searing fire that only momentarily distracted him from the fact that he was falling, falling much further than he had expected. He had leapt off a crevice, and as his body landed with thud against a Fir tree, he screamed in pain. He flipped twice before colliding with another branch, and his leg made a terrible cracking noise on impact. He crashed through the canopy, pine needles and branches tearing his face. He kept falling, branches clawing at him until he finally came to a rest. Far above, he could hear the windigo howling in fury, angry about it’s prey getting away. A wave of nausea overtook him then and Kawacatoose found himself losing consciousness… Continue reading

Of Grumples and Goblins

From the Journal of Snow Owl, October 514
(by Lauren Middleton)

The hair on my arm tingled as I sat quietly in Tobias’s grove. Even with the bright half moon, I could not help but feel things were watching me. In the White Feather tribe we called this The time of the Fire Moon. The veil between the worlds of the living and the dead was dangerously thin. Sometimes I could sense the spirits and their emotions but only when they were strong. The angriest spirits were often the easiest to feel. Continue reading